Monday, November 30, 2009

Waking Up: Pieces of a Whole

The series, Waking Up: Pieces of a Whole, is an intersection between private and public life. Illness, frequently hidden from the public sphere of society, much like emotions, is seen as a sign of weakness. This series is a document of a very private and frightening time in a woman’s life; she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Her daily routines were altered by illness. The images depict these routines and the objects necessary to carry them out; the bowls she uses to bathe, her bandage changes, the hole she cut on the left-hand side of her shirt for comfort. She yearned to share her experience with others, to reach out to others, while simultaneously fearing the judgments and discrimination many individuals with disabilities or terminal illness face. This series documents glimpses of private moments as her life is increasingly altered by her condition, as pictures and items become nostalgic objects to hold onto, as she spends hours waiting and focusing on one object while everything else blurs. I continue after she is gone to reach for these images and the strength of her journey and her voice, and to create more in her memory.

Waking Up: Pieces of a Whole

11"x14" color photographs

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